How To Paint What You See


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October 29, 2009

Jennifer @ 7:38 am #

This was a great instructional video. I felt like you did a great job of taking something that looked complicated and broke it down into something simple and less overwhelming. It helped inspire me to paint today!

October 31, 2009

Christine @ 2:19 pm #

I was going to say exactly the same thing Jennifer said…except the part about being inspired to paint because all my stuff looks like cartoons.

January 19, 2010

Eager @ 5:40 pm #

This video has greatly helped me:) “grin” I study animation for my degree, and the teacher in my class, does not get a time to show me how to paint properly and so I was going through trial and errors, there are many ways to paint, but when I think of the many ways I get all confused and frasturated with which to start, this vide made me understand the fundamental to painting before moving onto complex def, I also was looking for this kind of tutorial, to learn the blocking technique, how to make colours brighter and take less time than ussual. This tutorial one of the best I come across so far. Thank you very much Tom:)”grin”

December 8, 2010

teresita oquendo @ 3:29 pm #

awesome work!
i was looking for an instructional video like yours. i like to paint for hobby to ease the stress.
“How to paint what you see” and other still painting containing cloth, metal and glass in your website does not mentioned pricing for your instructional dvd’s i will like information if possible, you are a real master of painting. thank you for you time

December 13, 2010

Tom Slack @ 7:45 pm #


Thank you for your comments. My instructional dvd’s will be available in the spring. I will advertise them on this website when they are.

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