Knife Painting



One day my wife announced to me that I was going to do a knife painting.  I said “Oh really?”  She had this still life all set up  and my canvas was placed on the easel.  She handed me my pallette knife.  I was an obedient husband.  I did the painting.

There is absolutely no brushwork on this piece.  I applied all of the paint with the knife.  There is an interesting texture to it.  I could lay some of the paint very smoothly with the back of the knife.  Other places had ridges, like the blossoms.  If you’re an oil painter I recommend you try this method once in a while.  It’s fun.

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August 22, 2008

Heather Weaver @ 7:46 am #

That wife of yours is one smart lady! I love this painting. :-)

Christine @ 8:01 am #

I really like this painting. I agree, you should do everything she tells you because she always has great ideas for your art.

Nicole @ 8:41 am #

I think this painting is so fun. I love paintings with texture!

Larraine @ 9:20 am #

Very beautiful flowers!

Jan @ 7:29 pm #

Good for Norene! It is beautiful. Tom, you’re a smart man. :)

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