ladawn2I love doing oil paintings. What I enjoy the very most is portraits. I feel that if you can do a portrait you can do anything.

This portrait is of a very wonderful woman. LaDawn is a fantastic wife and mother. She is active in her church and her community. She is extremely creative. She loves people and has many friends. I think the world is a much better place because of her.

I enjoyed doing her portrait because I know her personality. I feel like she is a light to the world, so I expressed this with the light on her face. I had her next to a window on the left side, but the indoor light was on which lit the right side. The outside light is “cool” light and has a bluish tint because of the sky. The indoor light gives off a yellow or “warm” light.

You will see shadows and highlights which give dimension to her face. There are two little dots of white in her eyes. These highlights bring the painting to life.

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October 8, 2009

Teri @8:33pm @ 6:55 am #

Hey Tom….LaDawn personifies many women who have answered the call “Come Follow Me” and in doing so she forgets herself and focuses on the needs of others. It is so good to hear of her, she reminds me of some women I have known and admired. She has tapped into the truth of real happiness and fulfillment in the higher law of Love, not only love for others demonstrated by service and being available to family and friends but a constant remembrance of whose she is. I miss the LaDawn’s I have known in my life from one place to another, this woman has been a welcome reminder of all that we can be through Him who strengthens us.

Sherry von Harten @ 9:14 am #

What a wonderful painting! LaDawn’s essence is truly captured here! Yes, I admire all of LaDawn’s service and virtue. She is indeed a special woman. Thanks for sharing your creative talents as well! This is one of your best so far!

Susie @ 4:53 pm #

BEAUTIFUL portrait!

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