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qaisars-momI love doing portraits.  I finished this one last night and delivered it this morning.  The subject is a woman who died two weeks ago.

You’ll see my technique — I first look for shapes of values or colors and draw them in.  Next I fill in the darkest values, then I do  the lightest ones.  Finally I fill in the medium values.  The shadows around her eyes, the area under her nose and bottom lip and chin are the darkest.  Note the area above her eyebrow, along her cheek and the edge of the nose.  This is where the lightest values are.  The rest of the face is medium.  This technique gives the face volume.  It doesn’t appear flat on the canvas.

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August 6, 2009

Shelly @ 7:14 am #

Wow Tom…fantastic! This may be one of my favorites

August 8, 2009

Jennifer @ 7:32 am #

I love this portrait! She has such an interesting face and looks as if she has seen a lot in life.

August 17, 2009

Patty Coulter @ 11:38 am #

Hey Tom long time no see. I think of you and Noreen often.I love your work you know I am a fan. Wow is Steve Warner doing well with your great guidance.A
comment I have for you about he Indy art scene.I totally agree. I can not look
at another Barn Painting!! I love the Painting of the asian Gal painting in her studio. It is so interesting and has great emotion and movement. Love all the
new work you are doing great job. Love your teaching techniques on your blog
and website. Peace Patty.

October 2, 2009

Patty Coulter @ 12:34 pm #

Hey Tom sorry to hear about the leg pain. Keep riding that bike! great exersize.
You did not mention The Sali Art League where you did your Pastel. I would assume you have been to visit. We are struggling for sales. Do you have any ideas for
promoting our beautiful Gallery? Give us a shout out we have a pow wow brain
storming meeting next week. Patty Coulter

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