Lily Pond



This is a painting of Claude Monet’s lily pond in Giverny, France.  Claude Monet was the father of impressionism.  His story is unbelievable.  His influence on art has been amazing.  He is truly my hero.  I was so excited to go to France and stay in a hotel just a block or two down the little country road from his home.  It was almost a spiritual experience going to visit his gardens and this pond.  He created the pond himself and planted all of the water lilies and greenery around it.  He had spent so much time away from his family to paint, and now he could stay home and paint scenes from his own residence.

I have tried to portray the reflections in the water, the different values of green, and the lily-pads and flowers exactly as I saw them.  You would have to go there to understand the power of the place.

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June 4, 2008

Larraine @ 10:45 pm #

This painting is absolutely gorgeous!

June 5, 2008

Jennifer @ 7:27 am #

I love it! These gardens are amazing in person and I think that you have captured the very essence of them.

Nicole @ 8:47 am #

I always love your water paintings. Very pretty!

Christine @ 5:16 pm #

This painting makes me want to be there right now!

June 7, 2008

Angie @ 12:06 am #

I was was all set on saying, “This is absolutely gorgeous!” and then clicked on the link and saw that it is almost word for word what Larraine put! Too funny. I really like this one.

Suzanne @ 8:21 am #

This painting is beautiful. The flowers onthe right side of the painting are wonderful.

June 8, 2008

Ashley @ 3:18 pm #

Grandpa, this painting is just amazing. I think that is one of your best, and it is just UNBELIEVABLE!

June 15, 2008

Susie @ 9:11 am #

I, too, love the paintings of Monet. What an experience for you to visit his gardens and feel his influence there. This beautiful painting is a lovely tribute to him. If I am fortunate to travel to France someday, the Monet Gardens will be on my must-see list.

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