Logan is a missionary in Spain.

Note the dark background on the left that contrasts with the light on his forehead. The background on the right is light and the back of his head is dark. This technique creates a dramatic portrait.


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March 16, 2012

Fawn Berrett @ 1:46 am #

Hello Tom, thank you for doing this beautiful painting of Logan. I love his eyes. You did such a good job. Somehow I could see his thoughtfulness through his eyes. I miss Logan and was so happy to have this great reminder of his sweetness. I love it! Fawn

Angie @ 5:40 am #

Nice job! Once again, your capture of light is perfect.

Nicole @ 10:40 am #

Very fun, Daddy.

Susie @ 6:29 pm #

Wonderful portrait! Love the way he is looking into the light.

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