Long Long Ago


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My father and his brother delighted their families by playing the left hand in one key and the right hand in another one. It was very dissonant, but hilarious. We really had to beg to get Daddy to play it, but when he did, we all about died laughing! This is probably my last memory of him before he ended up in the hospital and died.

I painted it so it would seem like a memory, rather than trying to look photorealistic. The underpainting of his skin was done in green, then the pinkish color of his skin came through. His shirt was done in patches of white to add to that feeling.

He is playing “Long, Long Ago”. I really miss him.

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August 18, 2008

Cindy Slack @ 7:43 am #

What a neat way to remember your dad. You did a fantastic job with the painting, it really helps bringing back wonderful memories.

Nicole @ 1:34 pm #

I forgot about this painting. It does have a happy memory to it. We love Grandpa Slack!

Susie @ 8:04 pm #

This is such a good memory of Daddy! We used to laugh so hard when he played like that, and then Mom would roll her eyes and we’d laugh even more :-) It’s hard to believe he’s been gone 17 years.

August 27, 2008

Jan @ 11:46 pm #

Very touching memory, Tom. What a nice tribute. Your father was a wonderful man and I remember him with fondness and respect.

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