Lost in Thought



Here is a person lost in thought.  She sits on the end of a picnic table at a downtown park.  The strong contrasts of dark and light add interest to the picture.  The trees form a silhouette while the blossoms, sky, building and street are practically white.  Sunlight is portrayed by the yellowish tint on the grass with dark green shadows, while the person is backlit.  The parking meter, newsstands and windows across the street are painted faintly to make the picture interesting, but not steal attention away from the subject.

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June 26, 2008

Christine @ 4:18 am #

This painting immortalizes spring. I especially love the beautiful blossomoming trees and the shadows.

Nicole @ 1:47 pm #

I always love any painting with Mommy in it. That is such a pretty painting.

June 27, 2008

Jennifer @ 9:35 pm #

I love the title you picked!

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