Low Tide


My wife and I went with our daughter and her husband to visit the homes of our ancestors in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We drove up to Provincetown. It was early evening and the sun was going down. We pulled over on the side of a road because my granddaughter called. While my son-in-law was talking, my daughter, my wife and I walked down to the water. It was low tide. We enjoyed walking out in the wet sand. It felt good squishing up between our toes. We found a lot of little sea creatures and shells.

There were several boats that had been left out in the water, and with the tide out, they were sitting on the ground. I was intrigued by the sight. The sunset reflected in the water. Everything that wasn’t lit by the sunlight had a bluish shadow over it.

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January 16, 2012

Jennifer @ 12:31 pm #

Gorgeous!!! One of my favorite memories!

Dianne @ 1:40 pm #

Love it!!!

Nicole @ 8:17 pm #

Very pretty. I love the houses in the background.

January 17, 2012

Margaret @ 12:54 am #

Once again, your painting has magically come alive. Beautiful!!

Susie @ 9:11 am #

How beautiful, Tom! The reflection of the sky in the water is amazing!!

January 19, 2012

Dave @ 1:01 pm #

Tom, you have a great selection of paintings on your site now. Like”Low Tide”a lot but am especially pleased by your self-portrait! I hope that series goes on for a long, long time.

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