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March 11, 2010

Jennifer @ 9:12 am #

I found this video to be extremely interesting and helpful. The painting is wonderful as well. As you were explaining the painting, you brought attention to things I would not have noticed otherwise, and therefore I gained a greater appreciation of the painting itself. It was a worthwhile 10 minutes. Thank you!

Susie @ 10:26 am #

Thanks for this video on one of my favorite paintings! I love your explanation on how you decide what color to use, as well as linear and atmospheric perspective.

Sarah @ 12:35 pm #

I really like how you show the brightness of the sun and the contrast of the shadow. I learned a lot about perspective.

Margaret @ 1:36 pm #

I just watched your latest video and really enjoyed hearing your well understood explanations of linear and atmosperic perspective. This painting is certainly an ideal one to show all the things you’ve explained. Good job!

jared @ 4:32 pm #

Nice painting. Very informative.

Christine @ 9:26 pm #

I always enjoy your informative videos about your gorgeous paintings!

March 12, 2010

Truckingranny @ 8:36 pm #

That’s a WOW!

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