Madison Bridge


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The Ohio River is the border between Indiana and Kentucky.  One of the most scenic and historic towns in Indiana is Madison.  There are a lot of old mansions there.  Each year they have boat races on the river.  I really  love it there.

One night I took my wife there to spend  the night.  We stayed in a hotel at the east end of town up on a hill.  We really didn’t know what it would look like in the daytime.  When we got up in the morning we stepped out on the balcony to see this spectacular scene  –  there was a bridge going over the river to Kentucky.  Mist was rising from the water.  The fall colors were brilliant.

When I painted the scene I did everything from the river and up the hills in  a very pale white, then gently layed in some color to give the misty, foggy feeling.  The bridge was done loosely with faint portrayal of structure.  I painted the river white and put a little reflection in it to make it “wet.”  There is not a lot of detail in the trees or buildings, just a block of color here and there.  The lone car on the road gives life to the picture.

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September 17, 2008

Susie @ 6:10 am #

I love the way you created the misty/foggy feel to the painting. It’s almost like seeing a beautiful place in your dream. The fall colors are gorgeous!

September 20, 2008

Christine @ 9:21 pm #

This painting is really neat. I love the fall colors (of course) and the way you can just tell what time of day it is.

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