Madison Main Street


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December 5, 2009

Susie @ 2:52 am #

I enjoyed seeing the different sections of the painting close up. It helps me to better understand your idea of shapes and values. Great painting!!

Margaret @ 9:47 am #

Such a great painting. You’ve produced, with your “magic” brush, such a beautiful rendition of Maidson’s main street. Thanks for your inciteful explanation of how it was accomplished.

Teri @8:33pm @ 10:04 am #

Tom…once again I’ve totally enjoyed watching a brief insight into what has taken you your career time to develop! It was so informational and I enjoyed learning how you have such early on vision into the finished piece. All was very good, I especially enjoyed how you brought the flag together!! Moved by your gifting Sir!!

Christine @ 11:00 pm #

I didn’t know you had a show in Madison! That is great. I think Madison is beautiful, and I love all your paintings of Madison scenes.

December 17, 2009

Margaret @ 10:32 pm #

Great painting. You find the most interesting subjects. Hope I can see more of Madison, Indiana in the future. Thanks for your great explanaations.

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