If you drive about five miles east of where I live you are in the  farms.  There are corn fields as far as you can see.  Every so often there will be open areas where cows are grazing, and there are a few hog farms.  I find a lot of peace driving around though that area.  It relieves the everyday stress that wears me down.

I wanted to portray the typical view I see.  This is my impression of it.  A lone cow stands on a small hill between a meandering stream.  In the background you see the yellow cornfields with woods further back.  The nearby hill is graced by dramatic shadows from the trees.  Can you smell the grass?  Can you hear the cow?  Do you feel the breeze?  Are you at peace?

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September 20, 2008

Christine @ 9:20 pm #

That is so pretty! I would love to meander there too.

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