I love doing figurative paintings. This shows a typical scene at a city park. I’ve tried to show the gesture of the people, as well as the reflected light on the platform. The background shows gently rolling hills. Hopefully you can feel the excitement.

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January 10, 2009

Margaret @ 4:59 pm #

That is the neatest picture with all those cute kids on it! Such cute redheads as well as the blond ones. I reminds me of the days at the park – just watching – because, I too, got motion sick. But how fun it looked then and how fun it looks in your great picture.

A. Josie @ 5:53 pm #

I love this merry-go-round picture. Reminds me of the great times I had as a kid…doing the same thing.
I also remember when I started getting sick riding around….I probably was about 13, too.

Larraine @ 6:01 pm #

I love this!!! It makes me remember how fun it was to be a kid riding these merry-go-rounds! Joscelyn is SO fascinated with this painting and is asking all kinds of questions about it. I just love all the kids you’ve painted on it.

Christine @ 7:23 pm #

Yes, I can feel the excitement in this painting. It just kind of takes you back to those carefree days.

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