More Detroit Experiences


I did two more paintings in Detroit last weekend. The first one shows a skyline. I have found that when doing a painting of buildings or other structures it works best to approach it from the side. By doing this you will get a feeling of perspective and volume because there is a shadow side and a light side. Also I like to include more than one building to show different angles. The building on the left side is put there to give the painting depth – it looks closer than the tall building in the center of the painting.


The second painting is a different type of cityscape painting. It doesn’t focus on a skyline, but instead, shows sections of buildings. The differences in colors and placement of windows differentiates the buildings. I have added my  little pet trick – putting cars in the picture to add interest. You will notice that there isn’t a lot of detail in the vehicles, only enough to let you know they are there.

One Way3.jpg

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October 18, 2007

Fridas Eyebrow @ 2:14 pm #

I really like the colors in the second one! And I love the shadows on the first one, that center building really draws your eye. I also like how you have used a long canvas on both of them.

Very nice Tom!

WOW Tom. I love both of these! It amazes me how fast and GREAT you paint!!!

October 19, 2007

Jan @ 9:25 pm #

Beautiful work, Tom. I love the colors you have used. Perspective painting is fascinating to me. The lower painting actually reminds me of downtown Honolulu where the buildings are packed so tightly.

October 20, 2007

Susie @ 12:19 pm #

I love the colors in the painting with the One-Way sign. I like the way you added street lights and cars for interest. One of my favorites!

October 22, 2007

Christine @ 4:03 pm #

That is very smart, how you said to approach paintings of citiscapes from the side for perspective. I had never thought of that, but I do see that in many of your paintings now that I know what I’m looking for. I really enjoy these citiscapes and of course the cars.

November 1, 2007

Stu Remali @ 7:50 pm #

The bottom painting of the cars really captures the feelings I have of Detroit. I would always kind of dread what was around that dark corner that is in the center bottom of the painting.

Detroit is a dirty, working town that to me has always had an odd expectation of something that is unknown is coming, and it will happen suddenly, even though objects around me are at rest.

I think you rather captured that in this painting.

November 8, 2007

Michelle @ 4:39 pm #

I really like these.

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