Morning Walk


morning walk.jpg

This is a painting of my wife taking a walk in the morning. She is walking east. You can see her shadow behind her. The bright sunlight makes the lawn yellow, but the shadow from the tree is a  darker green. The plants on the right side reflect the sunlight and are painted white. The sun shines through the leaves in the tree. I have used linear perspective. The sidewalk and road go from wide up front to smaller as you go further in the painting. As you go towards the end of the sidewalk, the scene is not as well defined as it is in the front. This is atmospheric perspective. These techniques give the painting depth. The colors used give the illusion of the bright early morning sunlight.

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January 26, 2008

Nicole @ 10:37 pm #


I have always really liked this painting and the other ones of Mommy walking. You are such a great artist and I love you.

January 27, 2008

Christine @ 5:25 pm #

Very pretty. My favorite part of this painting is the trees with the sunlight peaking through the leaves and making them glow.

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