Mother and Child


Mother and Child.jpg

This was a commission I did of a mother and her child. I tried to portray the child’s personality as she looked in wonder at what was outside the window. Her gesture gives life to the painting. I have complimentary colors. The inside has warm reds and oranges while the view outside is in shades of blue, giving an interesting contrast. The faces are a pale pink, with the only shading where shadows would appear. I paint what I see. Sometimes dark hair has a bluish tint to it when certain light falls on it.

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April 3, 2008

Christine @ 6:21 am #

You did a great job in this painting portraying the happiness that a mother feels with her child as well as the trust that a child feels with their mother.

Jennifer @ 3:57 pm #

Every mom would love the moment that you captured in this painting. I love the sweet and innocent look of the little girl.

Jan @ 9:53 pm #

Thank you, Tom, for giving us this beautiful painting to remember the precious relationship of a mother and her child.

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