Myrtle Beach


Last summer my wife and I had the opportunity to travel down the east coast of the United States from Washington D.C. to Alabama. One place we especially loved was Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I actually bought a boogie board and went surfing in the ocean. We ate dinners on the pier. Probably what we enjoyed the most was strolling hand-in-hand along the beach.

I’ve tried to portray that same feeling with this painting. You’ll notice atmospheric perspective. The people closest to us are drawn larger than those further away. Also you’ll see that detail is less apparent the further back the subject is. Notice the lady in the top left corner. You think you see her face, but there actually is none to see.

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March 23, 2010

Margaret @ 10:20 pm #

Good job, Tom! Quite a different experience for you than our dips in Great Salt Lake, for sure. I’m impressed with your treatment of the skin on those subjects, and the reflections in the water too.

Jared @ 10:28 pm #

What a fun group of people! Nice painting.

Christine @ 10:29 pm #

I always LOVE your beach paintings.

March 24, 2010

Jean Collard @ 1:24 am #

Tom, I enjoyed reading your message and then looking up your new picture. I like it very much. Keep up your fine work. We just talked to Steve last evening and sang Happy Birthday to him.

Jennifer @ 9:46 am #

I think skin is so hard to paint! Good job!

Ann Calder @ 10:54 pm #

Ah, to be at the beach! Those of us who still live on the desert can especially appreciate that lovely scene. My daughter Bethany and her husband Thomas in far away Virginia went to Myrtle Beach a couple of weeks ago. I’m hoping to see the Atlantic Ocean when we visit them in May. Your paintings really create a feeling. Thanks for sharing!

March 25, 2010

Susie @ 12:39 pm #

I’m always fascinated when you explain atmospheric perspective. You do it so well!

March 29, 2010

Jim @ 3:46 pm #

the theme from Jaws plays……
great work as always. You are one talented guy

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