My favorite subject to paint is nighttime reflections in wet roads.  I love driving down the street on rainy nights and seeing the colors of taillights and neon signs as they are mirrored in the puddles of rainwater.  This painting is of a scene in the middle of an intersection in Rising Sun, Indiana.  The buildings, streetlights, and a soft drink machine are reflected.

The dark sky against the rest of the painting creates a dramatic contrast. The building is wider up front and goes narrower as the view goes to the rear. The same thing happens with the road. This technique is called linear perspective. Linear perspective gives the illusion of depth – you can walk right into the picture and down the street.

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February 13, 2008

Christine @ 8:20 am #

I love your paintings at night with the reflections as well. I think your reflections are so beautiful, interesting and amazing.

Nicole @ 9:59 am #

Hey Daddy, I love your rainy scenes too. They are my favorites, especially when you see the reflections in the ground. Love you!

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