This is a painting of the very charming town of Northville, Michigan.  It is west of Detroit, closer to Ann Arbor.  I love that place.  There is a magic feeling there.  I especially love it because I found Sherrus Gallery of Fine Art there while I was just browsing the streets.  I walked in and was completely blown away by that fabulous place.  When I met Sherri, the owner, and Sara, the manager, I knew I had to exhibit there.  I didn’t think I had a chance, though, because it was so fantastic and I doubted they would give me a chance.  Luckily, they  did.  I’m so glad.

The painting shows perspective.  Look at the roof line.  It is higher on the right than the left.  That gives the image of depth.  I have included people walking up the sidewalk.  The famous clock is prominent on the left. The painting is bright and colorful, giving it the happy feeling I feel whenever I’m there.

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September 26, 2008

Christine @ 11:15 pm #

Wow! I absolutely love this painting. It is so sunny and pretty.

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