DSCN4290This painting is  called “Oceanside” for two reasons — first, it’s at the side of the ocean, and second, it’s actually a painting of Oceanside, California.  The most important thing in the painting is the portrayal of the people wading in the water.  Their  reflections are made by painting a mirror image below them, then dragging the brush through them to give the impressions of water and waves.  The beach houses are done with linear perspective.  They are larger in the front and move to the center of the picture.  Atmospheric perspective is created when the people are sharper and clearer than the things in front of them.  The green on the horizon line actually  looks blue.  This is what happens when the viewer is further away.

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August 5, 2015

David Owen @ 4:29 pm #

Great painting, Tom.

Christine Roach @ 8:43 pm #

Don’t you think this would look so good hanging at my house?

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