Painting a Self Portrait


I love Tom’s portraits. When he does a self-portrait I am completely amazed! It’s one thing to paint someone who is sitting for you, but to paint yourself and do it as well as this one – it’s incredible! -SF

Tom wrote:

I set up my portable easel in front of the mirror over our dresser, then got a canvas, my pallette, and brushes. I opened the blinds so the side of my face would be illuminated. Here is the result of my efforts after a few hours. Note the light and dark sides of my face. Also look for highlights in my eyes.

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July 12, 2010

Margaret @ 6:25 pm #

This is such a remarkable self-portrait, showing your incredible talent and ability to create your own likeness. One of your finest portraits!

July 13, 2010

Todd @ 9:52 am #

I think this is remarkable. It must be terribly difficult for a painter to paint accurately his own live image. For most of us, I think ego would naturally influence what we paint. But Tom’s acute visual sense allows him to portray himself to us — from a mirror image that is reversed from how we all normally see him — in the same way he discovers the elusive qualities of his other subjects.

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