Painting Reflection


Tom is a master of painting reflection, as seen in his painting, “Leiden.”  -SF

Tom wrote:

This painting shows a canal in Leiden, Holland. Boats are pulled to the sides. Cars park right at the edge. You can see that I have tried to portray the reflections in the water of the boats, the colorful buildings and the trees. The portrayal of the cars is very simple — just a stripe or two of color.

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June 16, 2010

Margaret @ 9:27 am #

Seeing your great picture of Leiden gives me the great opportunity of “visiting” that place virtually. Love all the reflections in the water. And your trees are so beautiful.

Jennifer @ 9:48 am #

I love the bottom corner of the painting that is pure white, reflecting the sky. This is a beautiful place in person, and even more magical in a painting!

Christine Roach @ 10:00 am #

I love this painting and any painting you go that has water and reflections. I think that is something you excel at!

Nicole @ 5:58 pm #

I always loved this painting. The colors are beautiful

Chuck @ 7:00 pm #

I think this is one of Tom’s more beautiful paintings.

Sarah @ 10:11 pm #

You work magic with a paintbrush. I actually believe that I am looking at water and not just colors brushed onto a canvas.

June 18, 2010

Todd @ 12:49 am #

A reflection is like a visual echo, only it doesn’t fade away. You always make your paintings “sound” warm, Tom.

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