This is a commission I did for Penny. It is her dog, Pandora. Pandora is a special long haired breed of German Shepherd. She is Penny’s baby. She likes to sit on top of the table to see what’s going on outside.

I had a dog once when I was first married. I loved it like it was a member of the family. Eventually it got sick and I had to take it to be put to sleep. She  looked up at me as I carried her in with  a questioning stare. When I drove home and saw her food dish on the ground, I broke down and cried. I could never own a dog again. I’m glad Penny has Pandora.

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March 21, 2008

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March 21, 2008

Nicole @ 8:46 am #

Hi Daddy,

Very nice. I have never seen you paint a dog before. What a great job you did!

Shelly @ 10:02 am #

I think it was George Carlin who said “Buying a pet is buying a tragedy…it never ends well.”

Very nice Tom, I’m glad you explained why the dog was on the table too…that was my first thought when I saw this!

Christine @ 11:07 am #

This is a fun painting. It makes me smile, as I can relate to having a loved one who loves to sit on the table.

Margaret @ 7:35 pm #

Such a neat picture and a real treasure since Pandora won’t live too many more years. But she’ll always have her baby.

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