Parking Lot


Watercolors and Flowers 017

When I got my art degree, one of my professors told me “Real Men Don’t Do Watercolors.” I pretty much have stuck to oil painting. My uncle, LaVere Hutchings, was an excellent watercolorist,–a2731/lavere-hutchings-posters.htm for some samples of his work. I  was overwhelmed by his talent and haven’t dared to try watercolor before. Finally after many, many years, this is my first real attempt. It’s such a different feeling from oil painting. It’s fun, though. Maybe I’ll try it again.

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July 22, 2013

Jan La Bard @ 2:20 pm #

Tom! This is excellent. I absolutely LOVE watercolors. It takes a real talent and personality to be able to do them well, because as you said, you have to keep what you do the first time. This picture immediately reminds me of the old LDS Meetinghouse in Provo, Utah where my grandparents attended in the 1950s. The cars in the front are the best, and the fence…perfect!

Tom @ 2:24 pm #

Thanks, Jan, I really appreciate that. I felt really shaky doing it. My dad grew up in Provo, so I think I know what you’re talking about.

July 23, 2013

Margaret @ 10:22 am #

What a great watercolor painting! Keep it up – you’ve certainly got it in you. And of course, painting all those cars is certainly “you”!

July 27, 2013

Susie @ 2:47 pm #

You did a wonderful job on this, Tom! I especially love all of the cars.

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