Although I live in the Indianapolis metro area, I am within five or ten minutes of farmland.  I can see many different types of farm animals, and a whole lot of corn.  This farm raises pigs.  If you look in the background you can see the pig shelters.  My wife thinks this painting should be called “HI” because the pig in the front seems like he  is saying that.

There are three sections in the painting:  the bottom one which has the animals, grass and weeds;  the middle has yellow grassland, trees and the shelters; the last one is the sky.   Being done that way presents atmospheric perspective  –  there is a feeling of depth.  Also it gives rythm to the picture and makes it more interesting.  OINK!

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June 7, 2008

Christine @ 6:49 am #

Very fun painting. I like the pig in front that is looking right at you.

Suzanne @ 8:20 am #

Great painting. I love the yellow grass.

Larraine @ 9:10 pm #

AW!!! This would look SO CUTE in my kitchen!

June 8, 2008

Ashley @ 3:14 pm #

Hi Grandpa! I love this painting! I think that it would go great in Natalie’s and my bedroom! The colors are just perfect! I love the book idea!

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