slacktaThis is my granddaughter, Rachel. She’s a very petite little thing, and loads of fun to be with.

I wanted to portray her personality and innocence. One way I did it was to give the feeling that she is looking up at the viewer. Also I painted her slightly to the left of center make the painting interesting. Notice her hair. The sunlight hits the left side, so I have a highlight to the left side of her part. There is a cute gesture with her hair. Some of it flows out of place. Her shirt has little flowers embroidered on it, giving it a feminine feeling.

The background is very simple. I don’t want to distract from her. The color gives a feeling of sunlight.

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February 27, 2009

Christine Roach @ 7:51 am #

Very cute. She is such a sweetie.

Margaret @ 9:19 am #

What a great interpretive portrait. I particularly love what you’ve done with her hair. I’m sure Rachel is thrilled to be your latest subject. She’s such a cutie amd you have captured her personailty so well.

March 9, 2009

Jennifer @ 10:35 am #

I think that you have really captured her sense of innocence.

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