Redfish Lake


Redfish Lake.jpg

This is a painting of Redfish Lake, one of the most beautiful locations in North America.  It is part of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area near Stanley, Idaho.  It is called Redfish Lake because it is where the Kokanee Salmon spawn.   They have returned from the Pacific Ocean and have turned red.  It is also a great place to camp.  There is a lodge there, as well as several cabins.

Note the shadows in the peaks and in the land below.  This gives the impression of morning sunlight.  Also note the differences in the shades of green.  With atmospheric perspective. the closer to you, the warmer the color, and the further away the cooler they get, so the pine trees in the land on the left side of the painting are greener, but as they appear on the mountains further in the distance, they have a bluish tint and the color is not as intense.  The water reflects the sky, the mountains, and the trees.

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July 6, 2008

Nicole @ 1:32 pm #

Very pretty. Let’s go fishing!

Christine @ 4:08 pm #

I’m with Nicole. I want to go fishing in this painting. It looks nice and cool and relaxing.

July 16, 2008

Margaret @ 8:15 pm #

I absolutely adore this painting since it brings back so many memories of family times there in the past, including losing my diamond ring in the lake as well as my glasses. Red Fish Lake is certainly one of the choice places on earth.

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