Rose and Pearls


rose-and-pearlsThis still life has a rose in a vase, pearls, and a silver canister. The tablecloth is black, and a sheet is attached to the wall as a backdrop. There are highlights in the vase which are made with white paint. Also you’ll see spots of white on each pearl and a black shadow underneath them. The edge of the tablecloth has a light value. The sheet is wrinkled. The area with direct light is white or light yellow. Note the bluish shade in the shadows. The rose petals are redder in the light than when they are not. The silver canister reflects the beads and whatever else is around.

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February 15, 2009

Christine @ 9:55 pm #

That is a GREAT Valentines painting. I love the glass vase and the silver canister.

Jan @ 11:35 pm #

Simply stunning. The work has a Victorian flair. Very romantic, indeed.

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