Rosie’s Roses



My wife always tries to get me to paint still life paintings. She loves flowers. I guess I’m just a guy – I really don’t think much about them. When she wants me to do them I have her come up with the layout. I tell her to decide what I’ll paint. Then I do it.

I am a believer in making the layout interesting. You will notice that the vase is not in the center of the painting, and the flowers are not, either. I like to paint large enough that the subject matter flows off the canvas. This vase  was a pottery project in my daughter’s high school pottery class. The glaze didn’t work very well, but I love how it turned out. You can see the direction the light comes. It hits the vase in the front, and can be seen on the edges of the rose petals as well. I have tried to portray shadow and light in the leaves. This is done with different color tones and values. The background is a white tablecloth. The folds are shown with blue shadows. What more can I say? My wife likes the painting.

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December 13, 2007

Larraine @ 12:08 am #

The COLORS are so AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL in this one!

Christine @ 6:55 am #

My favorite part of this painting is the vase. It is very pretty and shows the relection of the light.

Jennifer @ 7:45 am #

The layout is the best part of the painting. It definately adds interest

Suzanne @ 8:17 am #

Your wife is right. It is great.

Dawn Butcher @ 7:00 pm #

Your wife has a great eye for picking out interesting things for your still life. As always and in all your painting I love your use of color, lighting and perspective. The new layout of your site is great, now I can see and hear what you were thinking when you painted it. It is also interesting to learn the history of each piece, it makes the art that much more interesting.

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