Self Portrait Assignment


I had the great opportunity to study under the fantastic artist, Paul Davis, at the University of Utah. His classes were the hardest of all my college experience. I was so overwhelmed most of the time. Now, many years later, I am grateful for his strict teaching methods.

This was one of his assignments: we were to go home and draw our self-portrait for our class the next day. I sat in front of the dresser-mounted mirror in the bedroom. You can see from my eyes how intensely I worked. You can see the facial structure and planes of the face.

Yes, I was bald then. I had dark hair though. Now I’m still bald, but have almost white hair and a full white beard.

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December 10, 2008

Angie @ 12:52 pm #

Absolutely love this picture. You did a great job.

Sarah @ 1:13 pm #

I have never seen this portrait. I think it is excellent.

Jennifer @ 2:00 pm #

I really enjoyed the commentary on this portrait, both in the email and on your blog. I, also, have never seen this portrait. It’s really good!

Christine @ 6:36 pm #

This looks just like my daddy did back then.

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