Shadows From the Past


It was about 1965 or 1966. We were hiking in the Wasatch Mountains. I was there with Cory Massey, Vaughn Brady, Dave Love and Scott Campbell. Life was simple then. We had just pulled some kind of naughty prank. Our worry back then was if Russia would launch nuclear missiles at us. The Civil Rights Movement had started, but we didn’t know much about it. LBJ was president. There was a war in Vietnam, but at that point most of the country supported it.

Life changed. Now, almost fifty years later, most of our parents have died. Both Vaughn’s and Scott’s fathers had been killed in car accidents. Vietnam had come and gone. 9/ 11 is a decade in the past. All of us are grandparents. Life doesn’t have that same happy magic. What has changed?

I’ve tried to give the illusion of the light going from the left to the right. Shadows are blue, light has a yellow tint. The background is vague to give the feeling of long ago . . .

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May 15, 2012

jared @ 8:56 pm #

I love the feeling from the sharper painted people and the abstract background. beautiful.

Jennifer @ 10:20 pm #

What great memories. I’m with Jared, I like the contrast in sharpness between the people and the surroundings, because in our memories, it’s the people that are usually the most important.

Chuck @ 10:50 pm #

I remember your friends.

Chuck @ 10:50 pm #

What a fun picture!

May 16, 2012

Jan La Bard @ 12:05 am #

This brings back very fond memories of our childhood in Taylorsville. I often ask myself the same questions. I remember the tragedy of the VietNam war and the effect it had on us. I also remember the fun, happy high school days and very close friendships that have continued all these years.

Susie @ 9:22 am #

You have a gift for writing, just as you do for painting. Your memories of those days made me smile. Life was so different when we were kids and we could leave all the worrying to our parents. This is a wonderful painting of you and your buddies.

Christine @ 1:49 pm #

I think this is amazing.

May 20, 2012

Mary @ 5:22 pm #

I love this!

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