Norene and I needed to get out of the house last Saturday. Unfortunately, it was ice cold and the wind was howling. We couldn’t really go many places, so we drove to Franklin, Indiana and had lunch at The Willard, an old hotel that has been converted to be a restaurant. It was a great atmosphere and the food was good.

While we were waiting, Norene pushed the shakers together. I was fascinated by the reflected color in their lids. I decided I had to paint them. The whole technique I used was drawing the shapes and painting in the colors.

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March 8, 2012

Jennifer @ 7:41 pm #

Oooooo! I love the composition!!

Christine @ 9:25 pm #

Very fun. I am always amazed how you get the silver, etc., to look so good. My brain doesn’t work that way.

March 9, 2012

Sarah @ 7:51 am #

You have magic in that brush.

Jared @ 7:51 am #

Great colors and composition!

Susie @ 10:17 am #

Wow! You can make beautiful art out of anything! Love the reflections.

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