I believe women should be portrayed as intelligent, sensitive human beings. I have tried to do this with my portrait of Shauna. She is college educated. She is the mother of two wonderful sons.

The most important part of the painting is her eyes. The viewer will notice sunlight coming from the right side illuminating  the area above her cheek bone and forehead. The green grass in the background complements the color in her face.

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July 19, 2012

Elder Steve Leonard @ 3:09 am #

Tom I can remember back on our mission your passion for art and those small things you did then. You have a God given tallent on the work you do. Congratulations.

Jan La Bard @ 5:10 am #

College educated women are all those things you mentioned and…beautiful too.

amy Hutchings @ 5:30 am #

She is beautiful Tom and you captured so much sensitivity in her expression. I love how you painted her mouth. Thank you for going beyond the superficial in your work. It seems like one can truly view deeply into your subject.

Jennifer @ 6:13 am #

Beautiful and sensitive. I agree with Amy. It seems like you can see right through to her soul. Love it all, but especially the eyes, mouth and the green in the background!

Sarah @ 8:04 am #

Her eyes are so expressive. Love it.

Todd @ 9:57 am #

Captivating. Fantastic work, Tom.

Nicole @ 1:19 pm #

I really like her earrings. Nice job!

Margaret @ 2:41 pm #

Once again, you’ve amazed me with your incredible master touch with your paint brush. She’s beautiful, as you have portrayed so beautifully.

July 23, 2012

Susie @ 10:56 am #

An incredible portrait, Tom! Every detail is perfection.

August 3, 2012

Shauna Dixon @ 11:21 pm #

simply awesome!!!!! its like looking in a mirror……….Tom you are a fabulous artist…..from Shauna

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