Sitting on the Wall



I had been touring Europe with my son-in-law and daughter. We were returning to their home in Germany from a tour of France and Sweden when Will suggested we stop in Brussels for some Belgian waffles. Boy, what a temptation! We went downtown to the Grand’Place which is the famous downtown plaza of Brussels. It is surrounded by the most enchanting buildings! The atmosphere there is great. We found a little stand around the corner where we bought our waffles, then wanted to find a place to sit in the plaza area, but we ended up sitting on the sidewalk. It was very crowded. I noticed people resting everywhere. I was very interested to see a big line of people sitting on the wall. That’s what I’ve tried to portray here.

You will notice the direction of the sunlight – shadow on one side of them, light on the other. The faces are more detailed closer up, but fade as they go further back – my use of atmospheric perspective. My favorite persons are the three men at the far left.

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December 29, 2007

Nicole @ 9:10 am #

What fun people. Good job.

December 30, 2007

Jennifer @ 10:07 am #

I love the use of light and shadow and the different poses of all of the people.

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