Every once in a while I come across someone with a very natural and pleasing smile. This person acted like she enjoyed life and loved people. I wanted to share her warmth with everyone.

I absolutely love doing portraits! They’re my favorite thing to do. Eyes are a reflection of the soul — actually they reflect light just like a mirror. I don’t like straight-on serious portraits that have been done for centuries. A little angle gives interest, and it helps to zoom in on the face — after all, that’s what we’re most interested in anyway! I like to paint with enthusiasm and don’t blend everything together. I always put an undercoat that will be complimentary to the skin color. You can see little bits of blue coming through. This gives some depth and excitement!

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April 5, 2012

Nicole @ 9:34 pm #

Looks great. Love her smile

Jennifer @ 11:53 pm #

I’m glad you paint with enthusiasm! :) . Love the blue shining through, her interesting mouth and the sparkle in her eyes!

April 6, 2012

Sarah @ 11:21 am #

It is remarkable at how you bring life to something that is 2 dimensional and made out of paint!

Margaret @ 6:51 pm #

You can read her personality through the sparking eyes and winning smile. Good job, Tommy!

April 7, 2012

Susie @ 9:53 am #

What a beautiful portrait! It make me smile, too!!

Mary @ 3:54 pm #

Beautiful portrait!!!!!

April 20, 2012

Christine @ 5:03 pm #

She does have a great smile!

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