Soldier’s and Sailor’s Monument



This is a painting of the Soldier’s and Sailor’s Monument in downtown  Indianapolis, Indiana. It is a commission for a man in the Navy in San Diego. He wanted it because he’s a sailor and his father was a soldier in the Army.

Basically I used geometric shapes like rectangles, cubes and triangles to come up with the picture. It was painted with linear perspective to give the feeling of height and depth. I’ve created the feeling of sunlight and shadow by the use of colors. The shadows have a bluish tint. The lighted areas have warmer colors like yellow and brown.

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August 29, 2013

Jennifer @ 4:40 pm #

That is a very complicated painting that turned out beautifully. Well done!

Angie @ 5:10 pm #

That is incredible.

jared @ 6:25 pm #

That is a fun place, amd a great portrayal. Looks great!

Susie @ 9:30 pm #

All the detail you put in is just amazing! I like the way you used color to show light and shadow. Great painting, Tom!

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