Spring in the City


You can follow the woman right into this painting. It has atmospheric and linear perspective which gives the feeling of depth. The streetlights at the front are larger and taller than the ones further away. Leaves are hanging from a tree in the top left corner. They are higher up and larger than the trees in the background. These techniques make it appear that there is depth. Also there is linear perspective. Sidewalks and buildings are wider the closer they are to us, but narrower as they go back.

Another technique used in the painting gives the feeling of morning light. The grass on the left is painted bluish green, giving the feeling of shadow. On the right side it is yellow-green, which looks like sunlight. The large building is light on the left side, but dark bluish on the right. These things make it look like the sunlight is coming from the left.

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December 23, 2008

Elaine @ 11:29 pm #

This is beautiful! I always love your city paintings. This one is especially good.

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