Stepping Stones


I love to do figurative paintings. Whenever I paint a group of people I like to have them in different places on the canvas, not just in a line–”Hey everybody, look at us pose!!” It is much more interesting having people in front and in back with different gestures. Notice the highlights from the sun on parts of the figures. The people closest at the front are more defined than the ones at the top left who are further away.

I might mention that the woman holding the little boy’s hand is my daughter, Sarah. She is holding her nephew’s (my grandson’s) hand. The girl at the bottom is her niece (my granddaughter) and the boy she is with is Sarah’s  son (also my grandson). They are at an amusement park in the Netherlands.


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October 25, 2007

Amy Hervey @ 3:05 pm #

I love the colors in this painting. The lighting is fantastic! The water is beautiful. I love the way that the women seem so eager to help the boys across.

Jennifer @ 3:37 pm #

This is an intriguing painting, but even better in person. I love the colors and the fact that it is unposed and has a happy feeling about it. It is interesting that the water’s reflection is white. Can you explain why that is?

October 26, 2007

Todd Fiegel @ 1:46 am #


I think it’s fantastic how you’re sharing your techniques in your posts. I learn something insightful every time I read one and I’m not even a painter.

Great teaching, Tom.


tom @ 10:58 am #

I appreciate all of your comments. Jennifer wants to know why the water’s reflection is white. If you look at the highlights I’ve painted on many of the figures you will see that they are almost white. This is from direct sunlight. The surface of the water is always moving and is never flat. At times a portion of the water faces the sun’s rays directly. That is what causes the white reflection. If the sunlight was not so direct, we might have a blue reflection instead because it would pick up the color of the sky.

Christine @ 11:33 am #

I love your paintings that have water and reflections. I think you do an excellent job portraying depth and texture with the water. Very beautiful.

October 27, 2007

Jan @ 12:57 am #

Nothing is more precious than young mothers and granchildren. These paintings, descriptions, and comments by all of the art professionals and students are definitely giving me the opportunity to look at my surroundings in a new ‘light.’

Thanks to all of you for my weekly art lesson! Tom, you are an amazing artist and teacher. Your love for your family comes through your beautiful expressions.

Jared @ 10:32 am #

Very nice!The red of the pants is a nice contrast with the rest of the painting.

November 2, 2007

Suzanne @ 12:25 pm #

This is a great painting.

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