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I teach a still life oil painting class.  I always have two or three set ups to paint from which are lit from the side with lamps.  The lights are turned off.  This gives a great contrast of light and shadow.

The demos are done quickly, just to give the students an idea of how to paint them.  I try to teach them some of the elements of art during this time.  These paintings are never completed.  I just want to give the feel of what can be done.  The painting on the left has a pitcher and bowl.  They are white, but with the light and shadow many different values and colors can be seen.  The one on  the right is to give the artists what to look for in a bowl of fruit  –  how to look for the different shapes of color with it’s highlights and shadow.  After I’m through doing the demonstration I expect my students to see what their own interpretations will become.

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July 26, 2008

Christine @ 7:25 am #

My favorite part of these paintings is the grapes. It is fun to see all the colors you use to give them dimension and make them look yummy.

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