Still Life With Apples and Cup


still life_1.jpg

Whenever I do a still life I light it from the side so I will have shadow and light. I draw in the scene, making sure that the items are placed in a pleasing manner. I do not begin with the specific objects in mind, but first I find the darkest and lightest parts of the scene and painting those areas. The values of everything else are always between those two. Next I look for shapes of colors or value, rather than “painting the apples.” I paint each individual shape I see, such as the light green shape “on the left” and the deep red shape “on the right” etc., proceeding like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. It all evolves nicely with a beautiful dimension. You can almost reach in and grab everything in the picture.

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March 26, 2008

LaDawn W. @ 6:37 am #

Tom, you make it sound so easy!

Christine @ 8:32 am #

I liked how you explained the shapes and everything. It makes painting a still-life seem less intimidating if you focus on shapes rather than trying to paint ‘an apple.’

Margaret @ 8:53 am #

What wonderful apples! They look good enough to reach in, take one and enjoy eating it! I really love good still life and this one is a keepere!

Nicole @ 6:23 pm #


Those apples look absolutely delicious!!! I really could just grab one and eat it. You are such a great artist. I love you!

April 6, 2008

Susie @ 11:08 am #

I know that you prefer painting outdoor scenes, but your still lifes are always favorites of mine. This one is just incredible! What gorgeous apples!!

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