Still Life with Glass



A few years ago I was asked to do a slide presentation of my art for a women’s group.  One picture showed  a painting of paint brushes in a mason jar.  A woman in the group asked me where I got “that glass colored paint?”  I had a hard time explaining that there isn’t a “glass colored paint.”

This still life is from my demo at my class tonight.  People tend to be overwhelmed when it comes to painting metal or glass.  I try to explain my method  –  don’t think of it as glass.  Look for shapes and colors.  Draw the shapes you see in the glass, then paint them the color you see.  They come together like a jigsaw puzzle and become glass.  I might mention that I do hardly any blending, but put down colors and leave them how I see them.

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May 2, 2008

Jennifer @ 5:35 am #

I love how two of the glasses look to have amber tones and the rest have a cool blue tint. I think that painting glass sounds like one of the hardest things you could do, but your explanation definitely simplifies it.

Nicole @ 8:54 am #

Your glass looks beautiful. It is fun to try and paint glass. You are a great teacher.

Larraine @ 2:03 pm #

Wow! This looks really great! I really love the colors in your glass.

May 3, 2008

Christine @ 9:14 am #

I am always amazed by how you paint glass. I used to be mystified by how you could paint something that was clear and make it look like an actual 3D object, but you have done a good job of explaining it.

May 12, 2008

Susie @ 11:05 am #

I am amazed that colors and shapes can combine to make reflected glass. Awesome!!

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