Summer Rain



I used to hate it when it rained. I thought it ruined everything. Later on in my life I started noticing that wet roads were like mirrors and there were beautiful colors in the scene. I wanted to do a painting of people on a rainy day in the summer. You’ll notice their reflections are upside-down below them and are slightly distorted. This give the illusion of being wet. Another important thing to me is I don’t try to do a detailed portrayal of the people. We really don’t see that in real life. I work on shapes and values. Look at the lady with the umbrella on the right. Her face is just two colors, but your mind makes you think it’s okay.

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July 20, 2013

Jennifer @ 10:57 am #

This is beautiful. It is such a complicated painting, but so beautiful. The colors in the reflections make it. The eye of an artist sees beauty in places other people sometimes do not notice.

Susie @ 12:46 pm #

The reflections are incredible, Tom! Every time I look at this, I see more. I’m glad you explained that the people are not in detail, because my mind sure did put it all in there. Fascinating! I love this painting!!

July 21, 2013

Jan La Bard @ 2:39 am #

Tom I love the detail in this painting. This is one of your very best!

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