Within a five or ten minute drive from  my home I am in farm land. Cornfields grow right to the sides of the roads. One day my daughter, Nicole, was riding through the rural landscape when she discovered these wild sunflowers poking their blossoms up through the corn. It was as though they were pleading for the sun to wash them with its light.

I have tried to represent their gesture and the dramatic appearance of the petals and leaves. You will see the shadows and light. There are differing shades of green and yellow. The blue sky peeks out between the clouds.

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November 14, 2007

Susie @ 1:01 am #

This is my favorite of all your flower paintings. These are the most gorgeous sunflowers I have ever seen!

Christine @ 8:53 pm #

I remember when this painting was on display at the 4-Star Gallery. All of my friends from work came to your show, and they all loved that one. I remember my friend asking me if you had a lay-away program. I love how natural they look. Most of the sunflower paintings that I have seen just seem posed. That looks like what you see "driving in the farms" like you were doing.

November 15, 2007

Jennifer @ 7:00 pm #

I love this painting, even more so that I know the story behind it. My favorite part is the gesture of the flowers, so natural and yet symbolic in their quest for light.

November 17, 2007

Jan @ 11:55 am #

Beautiful painting, Tom. Your description and depiction of these sunflowers brings back very fond memories of visits to my grandparents’ farm in Spanish Fork, Utah.

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