Sunrise on Lake Pisgah


Sunrise on Lake Pisgah2.jpg

There is a magical quality in the early morning of central Indiana.  I love driving through the mist and fog that is collected in lower places.  The sunlight is diffused in a yellow glow as it tries to penetrate through.

This is a painting of Lake Pisgah.  The sun just peeks over the horizon.  You see it twice, in the air and reflected in the water.  The morning mist can be seen in the trees across the lake, and sky and treeline are mirrored above and below the horizon line.  Before the sun gets very high, the sky is a pinkish tone.

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April 22, 2008

Sarah @ 7:11 am #

I love the way you can portray the early morning feeling, complete with the fog. I can almost smell that fresh cold air.

Christine @ 8:01 am #

This is a very calm and serene painting. It definitely has the atmosphere of a peaceful morning in Indiana.

Jennifer @ 2:04 pm #

I love this painting! The colors are so warm and soft and the mood is calm. I like the rising sun shining through the trees.

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