Thames Sunset


In 1904 Claude Monet did a series of paintings called “London, The Houses of Parliament.” He did them as the sun set, one was subtitled “Sun Breaking Through the Fog” and another called “Stormy Sky.” He wanted to show what the air and sky looked like under differing conditions.

Ninety-two years later,  my wife and I traveled to Britain with our parents  on a journey of discovery. We had researched where our ancestors were born and visited the very villages they called home. During part of the trip we went to London. I’ve painted my mother standing on the  bridge looking at the same view Claude Monet saw. Obviously I’m no Claude Monet, but my mother and I felt the same magic he did those many years before.

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June 22, 2012

Jennifer @ 6:47 am #

What gorgeous colors! I love the silhouette of the Houses of Parliament, the stunning sky, and golden water. Beautiful!

Margaret @ 10:00 am #

A beautiful re-creation of that magical time we spent in London. Great painting.

Susie @ 11:22 am #

Spectacular silhouettes! It makes me want to go back to London. So beautiful!

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