The Bar at Joeyg’s


The gathering place in many small towns in America is the local bar. This painting is of one of them in southern Indiana.

The  two main things in this picture are the bar and the large mirror. The items closest to us on the bar are painted larger than the persons further back. This gives the illusion of depth. They are almost silhouetted, so no detail is needed. Your mind puts the features in.

The top-right hand portion of the painting is of the mirror. You see reflected in it the front window and entrance to the establishment, as well as the reflections  of the bottles that are on the counter. Again, the bottles are painted simply with quick strokes of color. Your mind sees what is there.

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April 17, 2010

Jim @ 7:49 am #

great color indeed. but WHY do they always have big mirrors? How about a barber shop? There is one in greenwood by the old dog and suds?

Jennifer @ 8:29 am #

This is a painting that you could look at fora long time and still discover new things. It is amazing how a few strokes of color can adequately convey the bottles. I love the reflections and love the painting!

Christine @ 3:42 pm #

I’m in love with this painting. Good thing I don’t live nearby so I can’t beg everytime I see you.

Christine @ 3:43 pm #

Oh…and I think the barbershop painting is a great idea! I know you have one showing the outside of a barbershop, but I’d love to see what Jim suggested. :)

April 18, 2010

Susie @ 2:06 pm #

There is something so beautiful about glass bottles and their reflections. When they have a mirror behind them, it’s even better! Nice job, Tom!!

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