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I grew up loving Annette Funicello and the Beach Party movies. They all seemed so magic. I also loved listening to The Beach Boys and their songs about surfing and being with their girlfriends on the ocean. It all sounded so magical to a young kid living in Utah. I didn’t think I’d ever make it to the ocean. Since then I’ve been to the Pacific and Atlantic many times, have been in the Bahamas and on the North Sea coast in Belgium. Those times were really fun, but I never felt that magic  . . .

Until Labor Day weekend. I was visiting my daughters in San Diego. We went to La Jolla, but there wasn’t a parking space anywhere and the beach was really crowded. We finally  parked on a hill and walked down to the ocean. There was a pier there. I found out later it was the very famous Scripps Pier where well known  photographers do their work. As we walked along the sand I saw people having fun surfing, soaking up the sun and just walking along. I don’t know what happened, but I FINALLY FELT IT!!!  The magic came. This painting is my impression of the feel that day. I hope you feel the sun, hear the waves and the seagulls, feel the wet sand under your feet, and most of all, I want you to have butterflies in your stomach like I did.

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September 13, 2013

jared @ 7:35 pm #

You capture the feeling!

Rosemary @ 9:44 pm #


Jan La Bard @ 10:26 pm #

Great picture and story, Tom. We were definitely landlocked while living in Utah. I don’r know exactly why, but I absolutely love the ocean and the beach. After high school and college at the U, I moved to Rhode Island for four years. We lived near the Atlantic Ocean and I went there as much as possible. I also lived in Virginia Beach, VA. Every time my husband and I take a trip, the one criteria is that it has to be near an ocean. I’ll settle for a lake, but I prefer the ocean. I am mesmerized by the soothing sound of the ocean waves. Last year, we went to the magnificent Redwoods in Northern California and then we went up the Oregon coast. We have gone to Hawai’i and other marvelous places where there is always an ocean. Most recently, I have watched with interest as you talked about your trip to San Diego. I was actually writing down some of the places where you and Norene took pictures because it sure looked like you were having fun. My husband grew up in Montana and he has never been to San Diego. So, we are going there in a few weeks. Of course, we will visit the ocean. Your comments just really made me reflect about one reason why I may love the beach and the ocean so much. Keep the seascapes coming, Tom.

September 14, 2013

Sarah @ 7:50 am #

This is a really fun painting. I love the reflections and the waves.

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