The Eleventh Day of Christmas


On the eleventh day of Christmas, what did I see?

Winter on Market Street.


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December 23, 2010

Sarah @ 7:29 am #

I love this picture. It looks so cold.

Todd @ 8:47 am #

I’ve always admired how the independent light gradient left to right, down to up, and fore to aft contribute to the perspective of this painting.

Jennifer @ 9:01 am #

The perspective and the cool colors really make this painting. I like how the foreground is in shadow and then you move into the light.

Donna @ 9:52 am #

Love this Indy image.
Christmas blessings to you both.

Angie @ 12:38 pm #

This goes perfectly! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s picture is.

This is so beautiful, Tom. I hope that everyone takes a moment to look at my comment on “The Seventh Day of Christmas.” I placed it there last night.

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