The Fourth Day of Christmas


On the fourth day of Christmas, what did I see?

Heading home for a party.


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December 16, 2010

Jim Bless @ 12:25 am #

where is the hot dog vendor on the right hand corner? great painting !

Sarah @ 7:48 am #

This painting looks like a nice memory. I love these Days of Christmas! It’s fun to see which painting you’ll choose each day.

Angie @ 10:00 am #

I have always loved how you paint cars. I love the cold wintery feel of this painting.

Margaret @ 10:18 am #

This great picture wouldn’t be complete without the amazing cars you are so adept at painting!

Donna Benjamin @ 1:56 pm #

Great picture, and it does feel cold!!! This is fun!

Susie @ 2:51 pm #

I just want to climb in the blue car and come to your house for a Christmas party!

Jennifer @ 6:24 pm #

I had forgotten about this one. Love the cars. They are the best part.

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